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The Mortgage forgiveness Relief Act was extended in 2019 to cover the 2019 2020 and 2018 years please find this link below for an explanation


As you may be aware 2019 in the year the new 7.0 multistate contract is to be in use, if you have questions or concerns about the contract feel free to contact me, but can also watch this brief overview below for some helpful tips on changes that have occurred. 


In order to give you, the client, the best possible service, we provide the best and most researched resources available for cook and surrounding counties. Also, we provide information on foreclosure attorneys handling your case.

For Foreclosure related information:
Homeowner may be asked to provide pin number to search for the case number of the foreclosure first. For Cook county, the property owner must go to, input pin, and then view recorded foreclosure case in order to obtain case number. From there the homeowner must go to and look in the online case docket search with case number for information.

The Judicial Sales Corporation- Click on schedule- Upcoming sales

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